Bus Travel From Chennai to Coimbatore

Travellers have both online and offline booking options. Check list of the buses running between Chennai and Coimbatore and test out if its matches your schedule.

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Chennai to Coimbatore is 471 Kms away.

Your travel set out from the ‘Jewel of the Coromandel Coast’, Chennai to ‘the Manchester of south India’, Coimbatore. Travellers going for this bus travel can enjoy abutting areas as well. There are many hill stations like Ooty, Coonnor and Valparai. These are very close to the city which makes it a good tourist attraction throughout the year.

Travellers experience breathtaking views during travel from Chennai to Coimbatore. They pass through some well-known cities like Vellore, Salem and Tiruchengode. Travellers can choose one of the five major bus-stands for dropping in. The popular nearby destinations include Kodaikanal, Ooty, Yercaud, Tirupur, and Erode. Bus passengers also have the convenience of online bus ticket bookings. Buses are available in large numbers. Tickets ranges from budget to Volvo, sleeper and luxury buses.

Seven government-owned transport corporations operate inter-city and inter-state bus services. Many private inter-city and inter-state bus companies also operate service to and from Chennai.

Both the cities i.e., Chennai and Coimbatore are easily accessible. Hundreds of daily busses are available to travel. Numerous bus operators offer budget to discounted bus tickets from Chennai and Coimbatore.

Luxury Bus Travel No Longer An Oxymoron

Travelers planning a trip from one city to another typically stick to planes, trains and automobiles, though not in that order.

But increasingly, buses are edging their way back onto that list.

An article in the Miami Herald captured bus travel’s image problem when it quoted a flight attendant’s surprised admission: “I never thought I’d say this, but the bus is a really nice option.” (1) Intercity bus travel conjures images of uncomfortable seats, bumpy roads and a motley crew of fellow passengers, but bus companies have worked hard to change that impression in recent years.

Luxury bus services tackle the problem from the angle of comfort. Miami-based RedCoach offers large leather seats, on-board movies and free Wi-Fi on its trips between 11 Florida cities. The Herald reported that RedCoach, like other bus companies, has found favor with college students and business travelers, who together make up three-fourths of its total passengers. Other companies have been exploring demand for luxury bus service elsewhere in the country, including LimoLiner between New York City and Boston and LuxBus between Las Vegas and Anaheim, Los Angeles and San Diego.

On the other end of the spectrum, some companies have worked to make economy bus travel a safe and attractive option. British-based Megabus, which arrived in the United States in 2008, quickly gave rise to a Greyhound-owned competitor in BoltBus; both offer tiered pricing with at least one ticket per trip at a $1 fare, plus booking fees. Most passengers pay between $10 and $30. To keep costs down, both companies pick up curbside. Yet even on these carriers, customers typically have access to power outlets and Wi-Fi.

Both luxury and economy bus travel offer other advantages besides connectivity. The primary one is also perhaps the most obvious: flexibility. Buses go where you want them to go. Unlike rail systems, if a certain bus route sees a significant decrease in passenger traffic while travelers clamor for service to a new destination, buses can be rerouted to respond to demand.

Buses use existing roads and infrastructure. This also facilitates long- and short-term rerouting. And, while precise comparisons are complicated, buses have the overall edge in fuel efficiency. A comparison by the International Council on Clean Transportation last year put fuel economy at a little over 40 passenger miles per gallon for a plane and at around 152 passenger miles per gallon for an intercity bus. Trains came in at about 51 passenger miles per gallon, slightly better than a plane but slightly worse than a car. (2)

It typically does not matter how much your luggage weighs when you take the bus. The legroom ranges from adequate to spacious, depending on the type of bus you select. And passengers don’t need to run the elaborate security gauntlet we have developed for air travel. You can bring as large a water bottle as you care to carry, and not worry about whether you remembered to take your craft scissors or your full-sized shampoo bottle out before putting your bag in the luggage compartment.

Buses are also good for taxpayers. The capital outlay is minimal and none of it is coming from the government. Even if it were, the inherent flexibility in running a fleet of buses would make it a much wiser investment than the trendy rail projects so popular with federal and local politicians.

It has been 40 years since I took an intercity bus myself. They were okay back then, though they lacked many of the improvements instituted in the past decade. The remaining problem that most people agree about is the state of bus terminals in most cities. New York City’s Port Authority Terminal at 42nd Street has such a poor reputation that comedian John Oliver lampooned the agency’s concern over unauthorized use of its image on a dinner plate.

Bus terminals could certainly be improved, and not only in New York. If lawmakers are interested in supporting transit options, this could be a much more logical place to focus spending, rather than on inflexible and often redundant trains and tracks. Or, if local and state regulators allow it, existing terminals could even be replaced by new alternatives. For instance, strip malls, of which there are probably more already in place than the market will be able to support in the era of online shopping, could be repurposed into open air bus terminals. Most already have ample parking.

How to Get Late Bus Travel Tour Deals

Many families today find it hard to dedicate quality time for each other. This is the reason many times people find themselves making late travel plans. If you have decided that a bus travel tour is the ideal way to spend some time enjoying your time off but you decided at the last minute, then keep reading.

Tour buses are convenient for school trips, staff excursions and any kind of event you can think of. There are many reasons that people choose bus tours. First, they are great for sight seeing and exploring whether it’s a city or town. In addition, they can be entertaining and very affordable. Bus tours often give the experience of recapping the history of locations interesting facts and stops at various locations whether to eat, shop, etc. Depending on the individual tour, they can run for hours and even days. The time may seem long but they are so much fun that the time flies.

To book a last minute bus tour can be difficult especially if you are looking for a deal. Bus tours are very popular and are generally sold out very fast. To find that late deal for bus travel tours demands determination and a lot of luck. The good thing though is that bargains do exist and so you just have to know how to find them.

The first step to getting that last minute bus tour deal is to prioritize. You may have to give up something in return for getting what you want. You have to be able to be flexible and you must decide if everyone traveling with you will be able to come after all. You may have to let the little ones stay with their Grandparents.

After deciding what is and is not important, you can begin searching. You can search the internet for companies which specialize in bus tour late deals. Ensure to factor in taxes and fees and if you aren’t sure if these costs are included in quoted prices, then call the company to confirm. Additionally, at times tickets are posted that may not have been snatched up or that were canceled. The bus tour company will appreciate filling the empty seats and will offer major discounts.

Since some bus travel tours last for days, they can prove to be expensive. Accommodation, food, shopping – they can all cost a pretty penny. Many bus tour companies offer bundled packages which can save you money. But something else that can save money is planning your trip for the off-season. Tourist destinations are generally expensive during tourist season. This is because this is the time of year when they have the opportunity to make money. Therefore, the cost of everything goes up. Discounts and low prices are usually offered when things are slow.

Sign up to receive e-mail alerts. This is one way bus tour companies promote their discounts and deals. You may not make use of the alerts at first, but they will come in handy when you decide to take advantage of them.

Traveling By Greyhound Bus: Things You Need to Know

Bus travel is one of the inexpensive ways to use as a mean of transport. You can actuality go around the country riding on a bus in comfort and style. One of the most popular bus lines that travelers usually take is the Greyhound bus. It is a friendly-user type of bus that can take travelers to far destinations such as those of the airplanes.

The Greyhound bus can travel all over the United States including Canada. If you want to use the Greyhound for your bus travel then it would be nice to learn more about good travel tips and what else Greyhound can offer.

Utilize neck pillows. This would make your bus travel more comfortable. You can sleep more comfortably as well. You can buy cheap neck pillows that can be inflated and deflated depending on your need.

Bring your ids. Greyhound has strict rules about this. They want to check and verify their passengers. You may need your ids when you change buses along your entire trip.

Dress appropriately for your bus travel. Think of comfortable traveling clothes. Keep a coat or jacket handy just in case you would feel cold during the trip.

Carry snacks and drinks with you. Greyhound allows these items as they understand that their passengers would have to eat and drink during the long bus travel.

Greyhound allows transfers if your route would be the same as the other Greyhound buses. Your ticket can be used in any of their buses.

Greyhound gives discounts on fares to senior citizens who ride their buses. It can be a 5% discount. The bus line also offers discounted fares for reservations made ahead of time.

Another good thing about bus travel by Greyhound is that you can still get tickets an hour before the bus is scheduled to depart.

Proper assistance is given to disabled passengers as long as they have an advanced notice of 48 hours before the scheduled travel.

You can buy tickets and make advanced reservations online as well.

But then bus travel is less than perfect and Greyhound can be in that condition, too. One of the downsides of the Greyhound bus is that you may have no assistance in carrying your bags if you transfer buses. Their stations may not have restaurants or food stalls, only vending machines are available.

Bus Travel in the U.S. – An Overview for Visitors

Bus travel takes a different role in the car-driven culture of the United States than it does in most countries. Because the area of the US is so vast, flying is often the most attractive transportation option for traveling between cities and can be priced quite competitively when factoring in time and convenience. For shorter distances driving is usually the first choice for US domestic travelers. However, for routes that are under five or six hours, the bus is almost always the most economical and often the most convenient form of travel. Furthermore, as Amtrak (the national rail service) continues to see cuts in government funding, bus service is often the only ground transportation option for many destinations. Visitors who are planning to stick to major cities will most likely find having a car to be inconvenient, expensive, and unnecessary. Therefore, taking the bus between destinations is a great option.

Many Americans view traveling by bus with some trepidation, and, whether deserved or not, bus service in the US often has the reputation of being rather basic. In truth, the level of service varies greatly among bus carriers. Some carriers, like LuxBus in California or Transfloridian in Florida, offer deluxe buses and feature services that are rarely even found on airlines today, such as on-board entertainment and complimentary food and beverage service. Still, standard bus service is generally more on the budget level and offers few amenities. Food options are more likely to be a ten minute stop at a roadside fast food restaurant than on-board meal service.

The bus industry in the United States is dominated by Greyhound, which is the only remaining nationwide bus carrier. Several other companies such as Trailways and Coach USA are made up of independently owned bus companies that share marketing functions and branding. In addition there are several strong regional players in the bus industry. While these companies compete with Greyhound, they often end up sharing service on routes that do not have enough traffic to sustain two carriers. This is similar to “code sharing” in the airline industry.

The most recent development in the U.S. bus industry has been the “Chinatown bus” phenomenon. Several years ago a few enterprising business people in New York’s Chinatown started running buses from Chinatown in NY to Chinatown in Boston, charging less than half of what traditional bus companies did and a fraction of what it cost to take the train or fly. They targeted Asian immigrants who wanted to shop or visit relatives and needed inexpensive and convenient transportation. Although the buses were modern and comfortable, the service was bare bones–no advertising, customer service, or bus stations. Customers simply went to the bus stop, waited for the bus, and paid the driver upon boarding. For those willing to do without frills, these companies offered virtually the same service as Greyhound at a substantially lower price. Before long, word spread about the service and all kinds of travelers started using these bus lines. They became especially popular with students, budget travelers, and people for whom the service was simply more convenient.

Soon more bus companies duplicated this model and started offering service in other markets. Now you can find this type of bus service in Philadelphia, Virginia, Washington DC, Los Angeles and San Francisco. At this point the term “Chinatown bus” is used more loosely to describe this sort of low-cost/low-frills service. Many, if not most, of the company’s do not have Chinatown as there main location and may not cater to the immigrant population at all. When these companies first started operating, concerns were raised about safety standards. There is still controversy within the industry about whether these low-cost bus companies are complying with the same regulations as the traditional companies. Nonetheless, all bus companies operating in the U.S. must undergo the same inspection standards and must comply with the same rules.

Finding information about scheduled bus service is not always easy for visitors to the US. Historically bus companies have sold tickets at on-site ticket booths. Many now sell through their own websites as well. Whereas for plane travel there are many online booking sites that allow travelers to compare different carriers, it is more difficult to find route information for bus service.

Overall, the bus is a great option for visitors to the US who are looking for transportation between major US cities. For most cities, a car is not necessary and will be inconvenient and expensive. In metropolitan areas there are more choices for bus service today than at any time in the recent past. Particularly for shorter distances, it is the best way to go for the budget minded traveler.

Why Do Travelers Choose Bus Tours?

The amount of money available for discretion spending is never enough to do all the things we want to do. So, we continually look for more cost-effective ways to travel. Travelers are also looking for travel options that are easy. They want to go to places every day that are different, inspiring and fun. Here are some reasons why bus travel is growing in many places.

Traveling in a bus is an easy way to travel between interesting destinations, providing the seats are comfortable and the travel times are not too long. Usually there are enough comfort breaks to not cause any concerns. Most modern busses have a washroom. Bus travel is also safer than car hire travel in most countries, especially the emerging countries where driving styles and rules are still maturing. In Asian countries like India, China, Indonesia, Malaysia etc., driving yourself in a hire car adds much risks to your travel.

It allows affordable family travel as well.

The main alternative to bus travel is car rental. When comparing the two modes consider all the direct and indirect costs. The only cost with the bus travel is the price of the ticket. With car rental, consider the rental cost, the fuel cost, the insurance cost, the parking cost and the time it takes to arrange everything. If traveling in one direction, there is usually a high relocation costs for the rental vehicle. In most cases bus travel is very attractive.

There are no surprises in the price of a bus ticket and perhaps an advantage in that the bus driver will be familiar with the route and the attractions. He or she know the best places to stop for lunch and the best times to go places, as well as local information that he or she will willingly share! All you need to do is relax and enjoy the view.

Traveling in small group bus tours usually has the advantage for elderly people who struggle with their luggage. Usually the bus driver or porter will help in moving the luggage to and from the rooms at the accommodation places.

As a Fully Independent Traveler, the temptation to rent a vehicle is high because of the perception of greater flexibility when compared with bus travel. Check out the bus travel arrangements. In major cities around the world the underground train system is most likely the best option for travel.

What There Is To Understand About Travel Bus Tours

There are many exceptional travel bus tours that run in the great American cities of Washington D. C., Boston and Chicago. This is a good method for tourist to get to recognize a city. They come with excursion information specialist that is genuinely knowledgeable about the town and will explain all of the exciting facts about a specific region. These tours are generally economical and a wonderful way to travel.

One of the most typical tours is Washington DC, the capital of the United States of America. This is just about the ideal place to visit coming from tourists’ point of view. This interesting district is an illustration of years of historical information. It is a part of American history and is one of the most visited areas in the world. Besides it being the capital of U. S. It is the home of the first President of United states of America, George Washington. Washington DC can be found runs along the Potomac River and it is bordered by Virginia. It is also near Maryland.

The three branches of government operate here. All of this information is included in the bus tours. There is a lot of information that is given on these tours regarding the historical context of the area as well as how the government operations.

Washington D. C. Brings in tourists coming from all over the world. There is a plethora of great locations to visit. The monuments, cultural stores, museums, and cinemas and entertainment centers makes it an excellent place for taking in the sights. There is a lot of American heritage in the region with plenty of museums and historical government structures.

The district is filled with historic landmarks. The bus tour guides take their time to explain their importance. The National Mall is one of the most popular stops. A lot has happened in this location. Tourist get off the bus here and take a lot of pictures as it is a very significant monument in America.

The world popular Smithsonian Museum is situated in Washington D. C., and houses a collection of historical artifacts. People come from all over the world to go to this establishment. It also houses several other famous museums. You can literally spend several days inside exploring the artifacts.

The other museums give attention to a variety of subject matter. Many school trips also trip here on guided tour buses. There is the Natural History museum plus the Science and space museum which is another very popular destination. This specific section has so much to provide. It has a lot of cultural activities along with a lively night life. These bus tours usually go all around the city and tourist get a good idea of what the district has to offer.

Travel bus tours are really packed with a lot of information. The District offers several other attractions, it is a lot to see and do below. The best way to become a spectator of the popular, political, cultural and also diversity of DC is a sightseeing tour, and if the specific sightseeing tour could be in a Double Decker Bus that’s even better. This is a really fun way to explore the district.

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Exploring the Philippines Via Bus Travel

Bus travel is a frequently used form of transportation among Filipinos. Most bus passengers are from the lower class demographics since the rates are less expensive for far distances. A minor number of the middle class ride the bus to travel around the country’s beaches and other major attractions. It’s less expensive than taking a car, with local fuel prices regularly going up. Many bus companies provide group packages, suitable for friends on a road trip or a work outing. Far off distance journeys typically last a minimum of four hours and tale a stopover period of 30 minutes. Use the stopover break to have your meal and pee.

Kinds of Buses
Three kinds of buses can be taken in the Philippines. Pricing the highest but most comfortable to ride in are the private buses. Private buses are commonly hired for group company outings and group tours. Costing midrange travel fare are the new air conditioned buses. These air conditioned buses feature a television playing movies for entertainment. Most locals take the older, non air conditioned buses going to the province. Bus rides without a TV simply have a radio to keep everyone amused. These non-air con buses charge the cheapest travel prices. The total bus fare is Php 1.00 for each 1 km.

Keep Safe
Bus travel is usually secure in the Philippines. However, travelers need to still practice safety measures during travel. Note the bus company’s contact number and license plate. Give these details to a family member. While you are on the bus, never showcase a big quantity of money or flash expensive jewelry, gadgets, and other accessories. Locals and foreigners alike have suffered thievery, losing expensive amounts of money and pricey electronics. Throughout lengthy trips, set aside loose change and tiny bills in your pocket. To avoid attracting unsolicited attention, don simple clothing and never overdress.

Bus Company Areas
Bus chares around Manila start at Php 15. The price will vary according to the bus’ facilities and length of distance traveled. Bus stops in the Greater Manila Area (GMA) are found in the following areas:

1. FTI
2. Baclaran
3. Alabang
4. Pasig
5. Magallanes
6. EDSA Shaw Boulevard
7. Ortigas Avenue
8. Las Pinas
9. Cubao
10. Novaliches
11. SM Fairview
12. Philcoa
13. UP Diliman
14. Zapote
15. Taft Avenue

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Factors That Affect Bus Prices in the City and Beyond

Many people look to the bus as a more affordable mode of transport compared with driving a personal car or flying. In recent days, there have been a growing number of bus companies seeking to make handsome profits from a growing population looking for affordable transportation. Therefore, getting cheap bus tickets is not guaranteed. However, with an understanding of how bus ticketing works and some bit of shopping, you can land yourself the cheapest tickets in town. Furthermore, buying a bus pass can allow you to take unlimited trips or multiple pre-purchased trips within a stipulated period. Depending on the bus company and how often you use the pass, you stand to benefit from great discounts. The factors that often affect bus prices include:

· Fuel prices & insurance

Fuel prices directly affect bus prices. Therefore, any time fuel prices rise or fall, fares on the bus ticket change to reflect these fluctuations. Companies are required by law to be insured, with these rates varying significantly across different states. Furthermore, insurance rates change over time. When these rates go up, bus companies opt to capture the differences in their fares.

· Bus size & features

Larger buses charge lower bus fares because they can accommodate more people at any given time, although they utilize more fuel. Furthermore, the number of bus features, including special seating, onboard electronics and bathrooms can affect bus prices. Standard buses normally have basic features and thus cost less, while luxury buses have many features. Therefore, you will be expected to pay more when you choose to travel in a luxury bus because of the high quality of services you will be receiving. Moreover, maintaining a luxury bus is more costly. Hence, bus companies cover their costs by charging higher prices.

· Distance to travel

One of the most important factors that affect bus fares is the distance the bus is scheduled to travel. Bus companies take into consideration the number of kilometers or miles to be travelled and hours on the road. Typically, companies charge higher fares for long distances than short trips because longer distances consume more fuel. Furthermore, long distance travel means 2 drivers will be required, which translates to an additional cost to the company.

· Location

It is not uncommon for companies to charge different fares over the same distance, but in different regions, towns or cities. Bus companies realize regions with more middle and higher income people can afford to spend a little more on their tickets. Therefore, they try to capitalize on their better purchasing power to charge higher prices than they otherwise charge in low-income regions.

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Top Reasons To Consider Bus Tours

There are a lot of ways to go from Point A to Point B. Planes, trains and automobiles all take care of the job and do it well. Bus tours, however, offer an alternative that provides for quite a few benefits.

Those who avoid the idea of bus tours out of fear of traveling with a host of strangers, being restricted to a set schedule and having a lack of accommodations, need to rethink the prospect. There is more than meets the eye when bus tours are on tap.

Traditional bus tours are guided excursions that tend to pack a great deal into the price. There is also an alternative that many people don’t necessarily think about. Many companies that offer bus tours allow for the creation of private events. This means a single group can rent out a bus tour for a set trip or even create a personal itinerary.

Advantages Of Traditional Bus Tours
Whether they’re two-day, 5-day or 10-day bus tours, these excursions tend to deliver on the benefits. Some of the advantages of going this route to see specific destinations rather than trying to drive it alone or using a plane or train include:

· Scenery. From Los Angeles and Los Vegas to America’s heartland and beyond, bus tours deliver on the scenery. Buses do not always stick to the main roads, which means passengers can see a great deal more than travelers using other means of transportation.

· Stops. Most companies that run bus tours know the biggest stops tourists want to see. They make sure to include them in the trip. This means passengers do not have to miss out on some of the best sights.

· Knowledge. In many cases, bus drivers are skilled not only behind the wheel, but also in explaining some of the attractions on the trip. This adds a level of interest to the journey.

· Pricing. Bus tours tend to be rather affordable. In some cases, the tickets even include hotel lodging and some tourist destinations, as well. It is hard to beat the overall prices offered by bus tours.

· Facilities. Many buses used for long-trek tours include bathroom facilities. This makes the drive a whole lot more comfortable for passengers.

Charter Bus Tours Can Deliver Fun

While traditional bus tours delight some, others prefer to have their own private tours. This is more than possible, but it will generally cost a great deal more. Still, it generally turns out to be a rather economical way for a group to see the sights in areas as diverse as California, New York, Connecticut and beyond. Private bus tours tend to come with all of the above perks and a few more. These include:

· Luxury upgrades. It is possible to lease out a travel bus for a private tour. This means passengers have onboard sleeping quarters, bathrooms and more.

· Self-planned trip. Families and small groups that want to see certain destinations are often able to plan their own routes.

Bus tours provide an easy, trouble free way for people to see the country. Although some might fear being packed into a bus like a sardine, this is generally the farthest thing from the truth. Bus tours offer plenty of options to suit almost any taste.

Tour Bus

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